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Companies need certified supply chain professionals to generate profits through cost savings. 


Are you a professional in one or more of these career fields:

  • procurement
  • purchasing
  • supply chain management
  • vendor management
  • sourcing
  • contract management
  • or buying?
  • Do You Want To Earn More?

    Certified Professionals earn 8-10% more than those without the certification according to ISM Salary Survey.

  • Are You Looking For A Way To Show More Value?

    A 2.5% reduction in costs produces the same profit as a 10% increase in sales, so improve the bottom-line without increasing sales

  • Do You Need To Quickly Master Procurement?

    Master procurement skills beyond your years of experience, so you lead transformation from a tactical purchasing to strategic sourcing.


Get everything you need to study for procurement certification and pass your exams in one package.​

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    Select the package that best fits your needs: online training, live boot camp, or both.  Maybe you just need CEHs because your certified, we have an option for that too. 


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    No matter which package you choose, you will receive your membership portal access as soon as you register. 


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    When you selected the Three-Day Boot Camp Training Session, the next step is to confirm you location, so review the available location and send an email to to confirm you choice and get event information such as location and hotel.

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    Start the lessons in the members area, so you complete the training before the boot camp. The lessons are short and easy to follow, so you can complete ALL the modules within 30 days if you commit 1 hour per day for certification preparation.


    Don't worry, you don't have to complete all the lessons within a month, but you can if you're ready to get certifcation completed within 90 days. You'll learn the exact study strategy in the members area. 


The program is set up for you to complete certification within 90 days of registering for certification. 


The 90 day program requires a commitment of 1 hour per day for 90 days, within the 90 days, you will need to schedule three additional sessions of 3 hours to take diagnostic tests and three dates for the certification exams which require 3 hour time commitment plus travel time to the testing facility.


Remember all content is online, so you can study anytime, anywhere you have acces to the internet, even while you travel for busines.


You can expect to earn your professional procurement certification within 90 days


CAUTION: 90 Days to certification requires your commitment. If you don't have 1 hour per day for 90 days, then you will need to adjust your expectations.


 BONUS RESULT From the information reviewed while preparing for the professional procurement certification, you will learn actional information that results in profit generation from cost savings that will more than pay for your training investment. 


Absolutely!  Just CLICK HERE to grab a sampling from our course, Exam 1 - Supply Management Core - Task 1-A-1. This is a complete sample of the lessons you will find when you register for our training. It does NOT include a license to for you share or publish for use by anyone but you.


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      • How much time do I have to commit to preparing for certification?

      • Do I have the time to invest 1 hour per day for 90 days in order to get my certification?

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      • Do I want a program that guarantees results with a pass guarantee?

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      Our Mission

      We are determined to make certification as easy as possible by providing content for all learning styles. Our training programs present the most effective and intense study methods required to pass all 3 exams which are required for certification.  Utilizing the techniques and study methods explored in the course, passing the exam is easier and faster than any other program available. 

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